Epic Calling and Meaning – Summary of Gamification Meetup #7

We went over Actionable Gamification by Yu-Kai Chou, and his Octalysis Framework. This is a framework based off psychological motivators. After going over the basic framework (below), we applied it to Facebook. Then we went over Tyler’s dating app called 2Truths, and Chelsea’s soon-to-comegamified gym! Below are the 8 pieces of the Octalysis framework with simply a few examples of ways to implement the framework.

Epic Calling and Meaning

There are two main qualifications of Epic Calling and Meaning: (A) Beliving they are doing something greater than themselves (B) They were chosen to do something

Gamification Technique Examples

  1.    1. Narrative
  2. Why am I doing something?
  3. What’s the story?
  4. Am I on a Quest?
  5. Example: Zamzee- Kids have the narrative to be striving to become an amazing Wizard
  6. Elitism
  7. Part of a team
  8. Example: School Spirit
  9. Humanity Hero
  10. Believe they are making the world a better place
  11. Example: Tom’s Shoes
  12. Example: Wikipedia
  13. Beginner’s Luck
  14. You are the chosen one to do something. You believe that you were “meant” to do it
  15. Free Lunch
  16. You get an item everyone else does not get
  17. Example: You are able to take  a class for free, when everyone has to pay


Development and Accomplishment

This is stereotypical gamification

Gamifcation Technique Examples

  1. Points
  2. Keeping Score
  3. Badges (Achievement Symbols)
  4. Earn something
  5. Leaderboard
  6. Progress Bar



Empowerment and Creativity

Figuring out new things and Getting Feedback.

Gamification Technique Examples

  1. Milestome Unlock
  2. When you level up, you can get a reward. You get this particular feedback.
  3. General’s Carror
  4. You can only do something that you want to do, once you do something else
  5. Boosters
  6. You return back to your normal state after receiving a new talent
  7. Example: Super Mario Mushrooms


Ownership and Possession

This is when someone feels the product is “MINE.” In other words, they get the sense that the product is personalized.

Gamification Technique Examples

  1. Build from Scatch
  2. Help originate the game
  3. Example: Build the character in Halo
  4. Collection Set
  5. Once you get one item, you feel inclined to get the rest
  6. For example, if you get most of the State quarters, you might be incled to go get all 50
  7. Avatar
  8. Alfred Effect
  9. Personalization through data
  10. Protector Quest
  11. One develops an affinity for what they protect
  12. Example: when protecting a flock of sheep, an affinity is developed dtowards the sheep and the game of protecting the sheep


Social Influence and Relatedness

Social Acceptance is a powerful motivator. This psychological motivator is based off the premise of any social interaction.

Gamification Technique Examples

  1.    Friending
  2. Social Treasure/Gifting
  3. A reward given to you by a friend that is unattainable in other ways
  4. It would be helpful to develop more friends, because you will have a better chance of getting more of these items
  5. Thank-You Economy
  6. This is based off the Gifting technique. If one is gifted, they feel an innate desire to “gift” back their friend
  7. Group Quest
  8. Everyone has to do something vefore moving on
  9. For example- products that make everyone buy something (20 tickets) before anyone can get something
  10. Touting
  11. Show off that you did something. However, this is different than bragging because you do it in a passive way,. In other words, they do not brag directly.
  12. For example, putting credentials on the wall of an office.
  13. Social Prod
  14. Giving minimum effort to have a social interaction
  15. For example, pressing the “like” button or “poking” a friend
  16. Conformity Anchor
  17. Showing what your friends are doing so you feel like you must do it too
  18. For example, there was a study done that when trying to get a neighborhood to reduce water usage , it is most effective to tell an individual household that their neighbors are limiting their water usage and this person is not.


Unpredictability and Curiosity

It has been shown through studies like the Skinner box, that random rewards is more influential than expected rewards.

  1. Glowing Choice
  2. Helping them figure out what to do
  3. Helps people tink that they are smart because they feel like they “chose the answer”
  4. For example, highlighting the price of an item
  5. Easter Eggs
  6. Placing Unexpected triggers
  7. You did something that you didn’t know would get you an award
  8. For example, Chase  had a promotion that some customers would randomly receive a $5 gift when sometimes using the ATM
  9. Rolling Rewards
  10.      As long as you are in the game (just being present), could randomly give you a reward.
  11.      For example, “Thanks for being a loyal member! Here’s $5!”


Loss and Avoidance

Avoiding something bad.

Gamification Technique Examples

  1. Sunk-cost Tragedy
  2. Invest so much into something, you don’t want to lose it.
  3. For example, investing money into a product, and you don’t want to lose
  4. Scarlet Letter
  5. You will look like an idiot if you do a certain thing
  6. For example, if you don’t sag your pants like everyone else

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