Gamification of Mindle

Therapists have a taboo against marketing themselves. Sufferers need an extra push to seek help. In other words, the product must be more engaging. Here is how I gamified Mindle:

Depressed, anxious, confused, lonely, angry, scared, and hurt people do not have the energy to get help. They sit in their dorm rooms too depressed to get out of bed, or too stressed out and caught up in school. However, the fact that they won’t get help, does not mean that they don’t want help. In other words, users want this product, they just need it to be engaging enough.

When it comes down to it, a sufferer feels hurt and alone, and it is imperative that the product solve this loneliness. Within the UX, I tried to create a sense of social desirability and belongingness. Believe it or not, people want to feel that their therapist thinks that they are interesting, and what they are saying is valuable, and what is inside them is unique. This manifests itself in the referral system, and the UI of the referral system. I mimicked aspects of the social prodding design from OKCupid and eHarmony to make the sufferer feel this way. Therapists are reaching out to them, so that the sufferer feels wanted.

Therapists are people. They like working with some people, and they don’t like working with others. They get along with some, and they don’t with others.

This simple fact is not trite. Having the right fit between a therapist and client is ESSENTIAL to treatment. Therapists know this. Therefore, by reminding therapists that they will be able to provide the best treatment, and work with the clients they prefer, provides a better user experience. In order to accomplish this, there are frequent popups that encourage the

Moreover, the entire sign-up process is 100% gamified. There are progress bars, and badges, and words saying “congratulations” and “nice job!”, and easy-to-fill-out questions and buttons, as opposed to complicated questionnaires that mimic academia. The experience of the therapist is every piece of information I add, I’m helping the world just a little bit more!

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