Gamification in HomeFood

Unsurprisingly, there are many obstacles with HomeFood. I attempted to use gamification in order to solve all of these problems. I will briefly address two of these problems.

Create Lower Prices

First, it is necessary that the price is lower for home-cooked meals than restaurant meals. This is because price is one of the value propositions of the app. In order to solve this, I wanted to make sure that the home-cooks had a different motivation than money. According to research, home-cooks simply see the price of their food as a way to value their abilities, rather than being motivated by a need of money. Therefore, the emphasis of home-food is on how to become a superstar chef, instead of how to make money. There are various methods I used in order to execute this; however, overall, it is focusing on the journey of becoming a good chef rather than the journey of making tons of money.

Create Trust

Second, there must be a rigorous review system. In fact, the review system is the most important part of the app- it will make or break its success. When it comes down to it, people are skeptical of going to a random person’s house and purchasing picking up food from their kitchen. Furthermore, it has been shown through public research that the consumer actually prefers other consumer reviews instead of professional reviews. Therefore, there will be a review system created by “eaters.” Taste ratings, kitchen ratings, overall, followers, previous orders, and summarizing levels will all be exposed to the public. The “level” a chef would be [level is a placeholder name] a synopsis of how good the cooks is.

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